Van died on the side of the highway

On the way back from Phoenix the van stopped running about 50 miles north of Tucson

AAA towed it the rest of the way

20160908_171846 20160908_174247 20160908_174536 20160908_174831 20160908_184646

Stealth Camping

I found a closed restaurant and parked out front

I was able to keep the doors open facing the building. No one bothered me for a few hours while I uploaded a weeks worth of podcasts (3 gigs)

Also learned I need to find Wi-Fis, or get a better (unlimited) internet solution 20160804_192045

Some homeless guy came along and used the water faucet on the building, so I filled up the dogs water jugs and poured some on the dog to cool him down


Van from Space !

I found this photo from a satellite view of the School Maintenance yard where the van sat for years.

The van is the 4th from the left in that front row of white vehicles

Van School

I had intended to bid on the one to the right of it (east) in this photo, the one with the roof ladder-rack. But it was in much worse shape, and had imediate issues to deal with like a busted muffler, and destroyed front seats. The partition had no door, so that was a no-go for me. plus it was just a 3/4 ton..

Wish List: July 2016

Here are the items on the Wish List as of July 2016

Trailer Hitch $137.00
Hood Deflector $76.00
Windshield Washer Pump $17.00
Washer fluid reservoir. $38.00
Vent Window Latch $23.00
Door Window Glass Channel $29.79
Belt Weatherstrip / Window Scraper Seal $40.79