sweet G30 Chevy in the wild

Saw this sweet G30 Chevy in the wild today… The owner was watching, so I couldn’t do much more than grab a quick pic… Nice to walk past one without weeds growing all out from under it tho



Phoenix Tour Sept 2016

Headed out on a road trip to phoenix at 209,995.5

307 miles round trip. But the van died 50 miles from home. Had to get a tow from AAA



Phoenix Area Gun Shops

Arrived back in Tucson at 210,302.2


Died on the side of the highway


Ford Transit 150

Waiting at the border patrol checkpoint (going up-hill) and checking out this Ford Transit 150

I’ve seen some videos of people who stealth camp these and there is plenty of room

A ladder rack would really make this blend into the background, no?