Van died on the side of the highway

On the way back from Phoenix the van stopped running about 50 miles north of Tucson

AAA towed it the rest of the way

Back on the road.. in a way #VanLife #G30 #GunShowLoopholeTour

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Mileage 209,611.9

Gas stop in north Phoenix on the way to shoot the Red Dawn RPK in Camp Verde, Arizona

Another AZ stop on the Gun Show Loophole Tour

Mileage 209,611.9

17.76 gals

$2.19 / gal





Mileage 208,943.1

Stopped for late night / early morning fuel and a quart of Trans fluid before heading back to Arizona

Mileage 208,943.1

17.85 gals

$2.66 / gal



Mileage 208,767.7

Gassing up north of L.A. near Magic mountain on our way back into town to visit the Ring of Fire factories

Mileage 208,767.7

22.18 gal

$2.99 / gal



Mileage 208,322.5

Fueled up near Lake Elsinore between San Diego & LA California
Needed to add a quart of trans fluid too

Mileage 208,322.5

11.67 gal

$3.60 / gal