Who needs photoshop?

I mini-modded the van while passing this mirrored building about 300 yards north of the international border with Mexico in San Diego


Here is the Uni-Mod 20160806_092742

And back to normal20160806_092749

Installing the vent & fan

Installing the vent & fan was fast and easy

Places the vent where I wanted it on the outside, then tried to picture where that would be inside. Adjusted. And once I was happy, I marked the cut, and drilled some holes.

I used snips to nibble the cut out pretty quick

Then used some self tapping screws to secure the vent

Added an oscillating fan inside high in the corner and wired it into the electric panel

20160731_204601 20160731_205035 20160731_210916 20160731_212555 20160731_214114

Removed the sagging headliner

I really thought it would be gross under that ripped and gross loooking headliner, but it looks perfect now. I plan to ad some fabric to attach patches to, and possibly some insulation in the future. needed to remove the dome light to get the headliner out, but it went right back into place. Also removed the old antenna wire that was no longer going through the roof20160727_195234 The headliner was sagging and ripped, so I removed a few screws and the dome light and it dropped right out. 20160727_192119 It is a cardboard like panel, with a few repairs and some fabric streched over but it looked bad and was in the way20160727_192114