The Cargo Area, Before & After

The goal for the back (cargo area) of the van is to keep it functional, and open for hauling large things. This will also allow plenty of space for camping out of the van

Van first day 2

Started out with a dirty red carpet, and some wooden cabinets in back. All of this was removed. A metal shelf was welded in place, I left that and added a few more metal shelves screwed into place along the drivers side of the cargo area


Once the carpet and old cabinets were removed the van was claner and ready to go. The divider between cargo area and cab was easy to open up and repair. It ffers a way to section off the front of the van when needed, as well as some additional level of security

Cleaning out the back

The van was a diamond in the rough.

The door of the cargo area divider was closed off with plywood.

Van first day 2

There was a wood cabinet bolted down in back a dirty red carpet glued down on the floor in the cargo area.

Van first day 3

Some angle iron was welded to the floor, to hold a toolbox (or something heavy) in place against the metal cargo space divider.

A set of metal shelves were welded into place on the floor and frame of the van. I left these in place, the weight to strength ratio is better for metal shelves vs wood
Van first day