Stealth Camping

I found a closed restaurant and parked out front

I was able to keep the doors open facing the building. No one bothered me for a few hours while I uploaded a weeks worth of podcasts (3 gigs)

Also learned I need to find Wi-Fis, or get a better (unlimited) internet solution 20160804_192045

Some homeless guy came along and used the water faucet on the building, so I filled up the dogs water jugs and poured some on the dog to cool him down


Mileage 208,152.0

First fill-up on the California leg of the Gun Show Loophole Tour

Between Tucson & Yuma in the desert.. really tested this one to see just how much distance I might get out of the last 1/4 tank
(I made it 36+ miles on that last 1/4 tank & there were still 9 in the tank !!)

21.26 gallons

$2.19 / gal

$46.75 total

20160804_170010 20160804_171115

Van from Space !

I found this photo from a satellite view of the School Maintenance yard where the van sat for years.

The van is the 4th from the left in that front row of white vehicles

Van School

I had intended to bid on the one to the right of it (east) in this photo, the one with the roof ladder-rack. But it was in much worse shape, and had imediate issues to deal with like a busted muffler, and destroyed front seats. The partition had no door, so that was a no-go for me. plus it was just a 3/4 ton..