Wish List: July 2016

Here are the items on the Wish List as of July 2016

Trailer Hitch $137.00
Hood Deflector $76.00
Windshield Washer Pump $17.00
Washer fluid reservoir. $38.00
Vent Window Latch $23.00
Door Window Glass Channel $29.79
Belt Weatherstrip / Window Scraper Seal $40.79

The Original Tire Size

The van came with a good set of tires

8.75 R16.5 LT

They have decent tread, the driver front looses a little air, enough to need to be filled about once a week.

So I will be looking at changing the tires, and perhaps the whole wheels to change from 16.5-inch rims to a more standard 17-inch (or 16-inch)

20160521_141728 20160521_141736


Fuel Filter Replaced

Today I replaced the Fuel Filter ($4)

The only fuel filter on this one is in the¬†carburetor, so it is small and requires taking off the dog house. I think I will keep a few available to swap these out whenever I have the doghouse open, for a few dollars it’s easy insurance